Perpetual Student

I’ve been practicing my Tarot studies since I began my journey over a year ago, and haven’t stopped.  I practice every day, I write as often as I can, often for hours at a time for days straight.  My goal is to know the soul meaning of the card, what it feels like within me, and then be able to transfer that back to the Seeker so I can relate it back to them.

In other words: I want to take a card, know it inside and out so I can translate it without having to think about too hard and be able to relate not just to the cards around it but also relate to the Seeker asking questions.  I’m no where close to being there with all the cards, but some of them I have down pat.

I also want this to be a career, not just a hobby or a little job – a full career that I can use to support myself with comfortably and live my life the way I want to live it.  I want to show the world what I’m capable of, that I can do the work, that I can do the studies, but I’m not going to do it the way society is expecting me to.  This is my life, and I’ll find a way to make it work.

I was cleansing my Steampunk Tarot deck under the moons light and it occurred to me just how important everything that I was doing actually was in making a strong foundation for my goals and dreams.

Cleansing my cards means sorting them in order, estimating the order and placement of each card and then looking them over.  It helps remind me of what each card looks like and eventually will start saying a keyword, or affirmation with each card.  I’ve done it a thousand times, but when you’re trying to do it perfectly, like I was trying to that night, it’s a lot harder.  It reminded me where I was as a student.  I wasn’t a beginner because even though I made some mistakes, I had a very clear idea of what to do, but I wasn’t a master because I did make some major mistakes.  Spiritually, it made me aware of who I was in that given moment of time.  Yes, I’m good at what I do, I know my cards very well, I can read my cards no problem, but I’m still learning – but damnit if I’m not determined to keep going.

So I asked my deck “Who am I?”

Page of Wands
Enthusiastic, Student, PassionateI’m someone who is excited to learn and passionate about the subject

Page of Pentacles
Determined, Student, focused
I’m someone who is determined to keep going and remain focused on the goal at hand

Ten of Pentacles
Hard work paying off
I’m someone who works hard, and it’s starting to show in positive ways

Tarot has never felt like a job.  It’s never felt like something I HAD to do.  It’s not an obsession either because I don’t stop doing other things for the sake of it, even though I study 8+ hours a day.  I take breaks, I do other things, I’m active in the community.  However, I am learning things about myself through this journey that I thought were impossible for me to learn because of my disabilities.  I’m learning how to use the skills and knowledge I’ve gained in school to study the cards in a way that work for me.  My notes are impeccable, and unlike in school, I don’t doodle or day dream, I’m too focused.  They’re colour coded, and follow a strict layout.  I write and study as if one of my icons, like Mary K. Greer or Arcane Mysteries is going to read them one day – but with the goal of “I’m going to do this because I need to know!”

I study hard because I made a goal for myself.  To do these notes for every single card in the 78 card deck.  I’m using the Happy Tarot for this because I like the images and they’re still very serious but a little more easier on my delicate sense of mind.  I’m determined to make my goal of becoming a professional reader because that’s who I want to be.  Not because I want money, or fame, or whatever – but because I’m passionate about it.  I’m determined to keep going and I’m focused on that point of “I can do this”.  I don’t mind being a student, in fact I’m a little worried that I’ll stop being a student one day and will have nothing to learn, but that’s the beauty of Tarot – there’s always something to learn with it.  Right now, it’s about understanding the soul of what the cards are.  From there I’ll learn something else.

Beyond the Heart has a program called Transition to Employment.  It’s a program to help members go back to the workforce.  I never joined because most jobs leave me feeling empty inside and I panic and can’t be left alone for too long, and if it’s busy I have anxiety attacks.  Tarot has basically designed me a T.E program just for me.  I get up every weekend, get ready just like every professional, put on make up, put on my outfits, my good boots, get my crystals, my decks, my bag and walk to work.  I set up, and I help the stores I’m set up in.  I’m working on a volunteer basis for my venues because to me it’s my way of saying thank you for letting me use their space, but it’s more than that.  They’re helping me gain valuable work experience in a way that doesn’t overwhelm me.  If I suddenly can’t do it, or gods help me I have to shut down Peace Tarot because I’m sick – they’re okay if I have to go.  10 of Pentacles for me is that “You’re working, you’re doing great, you should be happy where you are right now! You’re learning how to run your business!”

So if you’re ever worried that you’re not learning fast enough, or you’re learning too fast and afraid of running out of things to learn… trust me, take a moment to breathe and look around you.  We all learn differently, we all learn different things from the cards.  Right now my path is being a student, and what being a student means to me.  It means being a working student, doing what I’m learning, and trying to pass that knowledge down to others so maybe it’s useful to someone else.

The next time you sort your deck, when you shuffle it back into random order ask it “who am I?”  and then answer your question.  It’s a difficult question to ask, but you’ll learn so much about yourself, especially if you’re able to break it down into 3 keywords, and then make those keywords into a sentence – helps a lot.

Anyways, thanks for your time.

21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card, Book Review


I have been working on this book since July and completed 2 cards totally, with another 3 up to step 10.  My goal is to complete all 78 cards to step 10 first before moving on further. It’s not that I need this book to do my job, its just I want to know what my cards mean to me, and what they actually mean so I can put them together into a unique personalized message.  This book is teaching me how to do that.  I know my cards, but there is so much more I can learn, and this book has been taking me on a journey that I had no idea even existed.  This is not a book for complete beginners unfortunately, nor is it a book for people looking for a fast way out.  This takes time, contemplation, patience, and a lot of writing (and some drawing).

I love math.  I suck at math, but I love it.  Math is eloquent, beautiful, complex and dazzling.  Its the language of the universe.  I got it in my head I was going to learn algebra and calculus so I started taking notes like crazy on  because I wanted to learn something.  I did very well, and took a ton of notes…but anyone who knows me…2012 was a very bad year.  Maybe the world didn’t end, but it symbolically, mine did.

Anyways, there’s one thing that taught me.  Discipline.  The fact I could spend the hours taking notes, making mistakes, dedicating myself to the fact I wanted to learn a skill.  In 2014 I used it to learn Tarot.  I didn’t know how to teach myself, so I taught myself the only way I could think of: write it down.

I don’t have my notes with me so I am not sure what they say.

Anyways.  It worked great.  I got the gist of the card, memorized them, and could read them in a spread.  Problem was…they were only surface level.  I never felt good enough.  I felt like I should be better, I could be better, there was way more to the cards than this.  Yes, there was.  21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card came into my life, along with the Happy Tarot.  Both would show me the truer meaning of the cards together.

See, I want to explain more, and give details, and real life examples, but this is a teaser.  Monday I’ll have how I write my notes, what I’ve learned so far, and the cards I’ve done.

Mostly I just wanted to write a blog post today.  🙂

Oracle Cards

Great article about the differences between Oracle Cards (also known as Angel Cards in some cases) and Tarot Cards. Yes, I do now own two Oracle decks – but it will take me some time to get used to them.

Anyways, I hope this answers any questions people might have on the differences between the two different but similar systems.

Card of the Day – King of Wands

May 19thCard of the Day King of Wands
YouThree of Wands
What to Know Four of Cups rx
AdviceTwo of Pentacles rx

Card of the Day – King of Wands
If you haven’t noticed, I’m using an entirely new deck called the Mystic Faerie Tarot.  I’m still getting  to know this deck, and Mercury is in retrograde, so hopefully I am communicating these cards clearly.  This is a scary time for me as a reader.  Hopefully I’ll get through it.  Anyways.  King of Wands is a man who knows how to take action.  He is as bold as he is brave, and always strives to achieve his goals and manifest what he needs in his life.  This card is asking you to look at what those goals are, and how you could achieve them.  Wands are about taking action, and he is the King – so it might be a great time to start kicking things into gear.  However, don’t get cocky or over zealous – he has a way of taking things too far.  Start off slow and start easy.  Once you gain momentum, you’ll have better control over what you truly want to manifest into your life.

You – Three of Wands
You’re waiting for that perfect moment before setting off to follow your dreams.  Actively searching for that right point in time to take you where you want to go.  The King says “Don’t wait for the moment to come, make it happen!”  This may be good advice in some cases, but if all you can do is wait, begin to prepare.  What do you need in order to make your dreams come into fruition?  What exactly do you want to manifest into your life at this present time?  What are you hoping for?  How can you prepare if things don’t work out?  Three of Wands is an excellent time to begin asking yourself questions and preparing for your moment to arrive.

What to Know – Four of Cups rx
As I said before, Mercury is in retrograde, meaning communication isn’t going to go as smoothly as it normally does, and a time of hurt feelings and emotions might be higher than usual.  It’s important not to take anything anyone says to heart during this time, as hard as that might be.  People might seem out of character, and acting differently than they normally do.  With the King of Wands, he is not known for his skills with speech, the Queen is better getting her point across – but his actions tend to speak louder than words.  Make sure the actions you take do not impede on anyone’s feelings or be spiteful.  Four of Cups is a warning and a sigh of relief.  Because they’re reversed – I believe this to be a warning.  Don’t allow yourself to say what you don’t mean and be careful with rumours.  Do realize now is a good time to contemplate how relationships work towards manifesting your goals.  Who is beneficial to your life right now, and who isn’t?  Are they helpful or impeding, co-operative or competitive?  Again, try not to take anything personally and be supportive of those who might be struggling.  Communication isn’t going to be as easy as it seems.

Advice – Two of Pentacles rx
It feels like things aren’t what you expected them to be.  Try not to hope for too much right now, as it seems you have your hands full already.  The universe will supply you with what you need, but not necessarily with what you were expecting.  This is to provide a counter balance to the King of Wands manifestations.  Be careful how much you wish for and how well you can juggle.  Chances are you’ll have to give something up in order for your goals to be reached.  It may look simple, but keeping a balanced perspective is critical if you want to achieve your goals.  Think about what you’re hoping to gain, and what you might have to give up in exchange.  Today is making sure that you’re able to remain open to the idea things can happen – but must be willing to be patient, provide clear and open communication and give something in order to achieve what you’ve been waiting for.

Hi guys, thank you so much for being patient with me.  I’ve had a rough month where I needed a break from doing the daily spreads and work on my cards a little more.  I’m hoping this turned out well, I’m not going to lie I’m pretty nervous what ya’ll will thinks.  I’m using the smaller format once again, as I haven’t found one I completely like yet, but I think this one did really well.  Should also be noted, this is my first time using reversed cards, as the Steampunk Tarot does not have reversed backing and I’m only now beginning to try it off hand to give it a go.

The picture did not turn out well, this deck is super glossy and the flash is blinding so I had to turn it off and I couldn’t get a very good picture.  I did my best though.  I will try my best to do these once again every week day to my best ability.

Would greatly appreciate if you left a comment below of what you think and what you’d like to see more of.  I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


Code of Ethics

  • My clients come first, I care about how they feel and will work to empower them
  • I will do my best to make sure that their best interest is at hand by conducting myself professionally without causing intending harm
  • I will read what I see in the cards honestly and openly with the client and work to make them feel in control of their reality
  • Regardless of who a client is, we are all equal and all one.  There is no judgment based on race, gender, or orientation.
  • Those under 18 must have a guardian present with them
  • I will represent myself honestly with my credentials and qualifications.  I started learning July 21st 2014 and reading August 19th 2014.  These Ethics were written September 3rd 2014 and published April 28th 2015
  • No one but the Court of Law has the right to know what the reads I give are, who the people were that were involved, or what information was given.  Confidentiality is extremely important and only the client may say who can get what information.
  • If legal, medical, financial or psychological advice, which I cannot provide; I will recommend clients to consult those licensed which can provide those services.
  • I have the right to refuse anyone a reading, as a client can refuse service from me, at any time.
  • There are things I can and cannot do.  I am not a medium – meaning I cannot contact the dead. I am not a psychic or a fortune teller – meaning I cannot predict your future with the cards. (There are a lot who can, and are really good at it, I just personally can’t) I cannot find missing objects or solve crimes.  I cannot read your mind.  I cannot predict death dates, or diagnosis illness.  I don’t know lottery numbers or help you with BINGO (I’d be rich if I could).
  • I can provide you a fresh outlook on situations you may already know. Help you understand the patterns you have been facing, and find solutions to the challenges that have been on the paths. I do not have all the answers, and I may not have any – but I will always listen and do my best.  I never want you to leave defeated, but instead empowered that even in tough times you will make it through.

Card of the Day and Custom Spread

Daily Spread

Okay, well, after looking online and not seeing a spread I was happy with, I tried to make on myself and well… I got carried away.  Me being me, I carried through and this is what I ended up with.  Oops.  This will NOT be a daily thing and will be tweaked over the next several days while I figure it out.  I don’t like just doing a single card, ‘cause that’s what everyone does and I want to do something that’s uni

quely me.  So, here it is.  I tried to do my best to keep it general, but I might not do that either and make it personal.  If it’s too personal, there might be some days I don’t post.  Anyways, here’s my spread, hope ya’ll enjoy.  Sorry for the poor quality photo’s, I just woke up and I use a point and shoot camera.

Card of the Day – Eight of Wands

– Things feel like they are up in the are up in the air today and no sign of coming down.  It’s rushed, hectic, busy, stressful and I daresay loud!  You’re in a battlefield, it could be work, school, your emotions, or just how your life is going in general.  This is not a bad thing, don’t fight it – work with it!  Pick one thing a project you’re working on and it’ll go that much more smoothly.  Go with the flow.  If you fight with it, it’ll make it worse.  Pick a project, stick with it until the end, then move on to the next.  That’s the theme of the day, it’s all about

actions, your thought process, your movements, your strengths, your weaknesses – go with them, not against them.

Body – Eight of Pentacles –  Eights I think of taking action towards a goal in order to improve on something.  Eight of Pentacles, I think of improving oneself to achieve something creative, so being a more positive you – being who you want to be rather than what people think you OUGHT to be, make sense?  Like dressing in a way that makes you feel more confident about yourself, regardless of wha

t people might think (for instance, I’m collared 24/7 – I don’t have to be, but it makes me feel better). I don’t know what it could mean for you, but doing something that brings you confidence is what matters.  It could be drawing, singing, wearing make up, exercising, or just generally doing something you absolutely love doing for the sake of doing it.

Mind – Three of Cups – Your mind is full of chatter and seemly about various gossip about things around you that are happening so fast you really can’t keep up.  Slow down and take a breath.  I’m going to go on youtube and add my favourite meditation for chakra cleansing.  It

only takes 20 minutes and it really is helpful for me when I need to clear my thoughts.  Any meditation will work of course, especially mindfulness techniques.  When your mind is full of chatter, it often becomes overwhelmed, and when that happens, we get stressed out and things build up, causing us to explode with emotional turmoil of unknowns of where things might land (relating it to card of the day).  However; by being able to calm our minds, that chatter can turn into pleasant thoughts that can lead to brilliant idea’s and helpful tools of creativity.  It can lead to all sorts of open minded idea’s and open our hearts to new possibilities as well.

What To Know – XVIII The Moon

I don’t know my Major Arcana as well as I should as a warning.  I couldn’t relate this card to the Card of the Day very well because it’s such a low energy.  I think with this card, it’s hard to tell how people will act and behave when people are exposed to the same influences we are.  Some of us will react very well because we know how to ride the waves, while others will do they’re absolute best to fight against them.  Some will be upset and angry because nothing will go right, and others will almost be cheerful because it’s almost like their surfing and it’s fun.  The Moon is about understanding you can’t control how people will react,  but you can control your reactions to them.

Attitudes and Thoughts – King of Wands – As if I didn’t have enough action cards today.  He’s the King of action cards, literally!  Don’t be afraid to be in cont

rol of what you deem responsible action.  Today has been all about proactive choices and making decisions.  King of Wands wants you to own those choices and own those decisions because their yours.  He, to me, is the most confident King in my deck because he trusts YOU to take his power.  I’m not sure how well you can see him, but to me he’s asking you to sit in his chair.  He’s asking you to take his place, sit on his throne, and make his decisions of his kingdom because you know what’s best for you.  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, hell – I’m constantly worried I’m going to make a mistake, but I’m not going to learn if I don’t – and the King of W

ands is expecting you to, and that’s why he’s right behind you, so he can guide you.  In relation to the 8 of wands, those wands are not going to land exactly where they need to, and you’re going to have to figure out where they need to go.  Take a breath, and one step at a time.

Positive Influences – Ten of Cups – It’s not as bad as it seems.  Yes, there’s a lot going on.  Yes, there’s a big mess on our plates.  Yes, there’s a lot of stress, explosions and things that need to get done today – IT’S MANAGEABLE AND DARE I SAY FUN!  If you look at it from a smaller perspective, it’s not that bad, I promise.  One problem at a time.  I’ll show you my scheduled of the day and prove it. I

gotta go in 10 minutes, I got 1 more paragraph to do, I’m swamped for time!  I gotta make soup, takes me 2 hours, then I gotta ask people if they can help us out with PRIDE parade, either with support or maybe a donation which will take a few hours as well… then I have an article to write… then maybe a few readings.  IF I try to do it all at the same time, I’ll burn out.  If I do it one at a time, like I’m doing now, I’ll be okay.  Don’t fight it, go with it, ride it like a wave.

Advice – Five of Swords – Because today is so high octane, not everyone is going to be on your side.  Conflicts may happen, and because I’m having to be a solicitor with a controversial issue, I’m taking the warning a little personally and carefully.  Don’t try to prove who is right or wrong right now.  People are dealing with the same influences you are, and they might be fighting against it, just go with the flo

w like you are, and hold on.  Don’t take what people say personally, and avoid conflict and tension.  People deal with stress differently than others, some are mu

ch less chipper today, try to be patien

t with them.

Daily Spread April 28th